Moroccan Yoga Retreat in Fez - Feb. 7 -13th , 2015

Indulge yourself in an authentic Moroccan medina!

With its riads, palaces, mosques and fountains, Fez is probably the most typical Moroccan medina and a magical spot to practice Yoga. Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, with its 1200-year-old history, the medina is home to the oldest university of the world, the Qaraouyine. Former imperial city, Fez remains the cultural and spiritual center of Morocco. Every year, the World Festival of Sacred Music and the Festival of Sufi Music are organized there.

Saturday, February 7th
*12.00 - 15.00 ~ Check in & welcoming circle.
*16.00 - 18.00 ~ Yin Restorative tuning into the body.
*19.30 ~ Moroccan dinner.
*7.00 - Moroccan herbal tisane + morning refresher.
*7.30 – 8.00 ~ Pranayama.
*8 - 9.30 ~ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga led class and *Mysore style*.
*9.30 - 11.00 ~ Moroccan Brunch.

*14.00 – 16.00 : *Cultural activity.
*16.30 - Afternoon refresher and snack.

*17h00 - 19h30 ~ Yoga workshop/Vinyasa/Yin style.
*20.00 - 21h30 ~ Moroccan Dinner.

Friday, February 13th (Closing Circle + Check-out)
*7.00 - Morning refresher.
*7.30 – 8.30 ~ Pranayama & Walking Meditation.
*8.30 - 10.00 ~ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga led class and *Mysore style*.
*10.00 - 11.30 ~  Moroccan Brunch
*12.00 ~ Check-out.

Sharing occupancy price: 880€
Single occupancy price: 1170€

Price includes:
- six nights / seven days.
- FULL Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Program for all levels, beginners, intermediate, advanced and Mysore Style Practitioners l (including morning and evening Pranayama, Meditation and Ashtanga Vinyasa Class, workshops, Yin Restorative Yoga).
- FULL Moroccan meals, 1 cooking workshop and "hands-on" dinner.
- Price does not include transportation.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a traditional form of yoga that was taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. This method of dynamic yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures, producing intense internal heat and sweat, which purifies the body from toxins. As a result, not only blood circulation improves, but it also allows the body to gain strength and flexibility. Practionners also increase their ability to concentrate and becomes calmer.

Our teaching is tailored for all levels of practitioners including (beginners, intermediate, advanced, and Mysore Style practitioners). Both morning and evening Yoga sessions will be led with precision and safety, strongly focusing on alignment, posture modifications, gradual adaptation and progressive practices, giving full personal attention to each of participants' needs.

Our teachers are Linda Munro & Gérald Disse at Ashtanga Yoga Paris:

This experience of Moroccan "art de vivre" would not be complete without a taste of authentic Fassi cuisine! Fez is also famous for its cuisine, one of the best in Morocco. During this retreat, we will offer you the finest vegetarian and healthy food, inspired by the colored and spicy repertoire of typical Moroccan cuisine, and particulary Fassi cuisine. To give you a taste of what you will be having, visit the blog Bread & Olives:


Stay and practice yoga in the quietness and refinement of a Fassi riad. Located in the heart of the medina, near by the main street TalaaSghira, close to Mnebhi Palace, Dar Labchara is a 18th century house, restored and furnished in a traditional style. The courtyard,with its colored zellige (typical Moroccan mosaic), creates a feeling of peace and quietness ideal for relaxation and meditation. The terrace offers an amazing view on this beautiful city and its minarets.

Dar Labchara:

The Global Yogini

As a multi-faceted artist, Carolina Daza a.k.a. The Global Yogini, is a globe-trotter who travels the world planting seeds of holistic approaches to Yoga, Art, and Natural cooking. Carolina has been teaching yoga and organizing retreats for numerous years. Her teachers are Linda Munro & Gérald Disse at Ashtanga Yoga Paris, where she completed her 500HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Carolina has a Master's degree in Contemporary Arts from Université Paris 8, as well as a Master’s of Arts and Food Culture at New York University. Carolina lived in a Bhakti Yoga Ashram under the guidance of Divya Alter, her Ayurvedic Teacher, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


Certified Yoga teacher & author of Bread & Olives

Majda discovered yoga at the studio where she was practicing dance for many years. But it was when she had her first Ashtanga Class in 2010 that she fell in love with this practice. At that moment, she was consultant in an international management firm. The stress and pressure led her to seek for a more balanced lifestyle.

She then decided to dedicate herself to her passion. After completing a Teacher Training with Linda Munro & Gerald Disse at Ashtanga Yoga Paris, she completed several trainings abroad, in particular in Bali with Prem & Radha Carlisi.

Majda teaches Ashtanga Yoga in Paris and develops a comprehensive approach of wellbeing with her blog Bread & Olives, where she shares healthy and vegetarian recipes inspired by Moroccan cuisine.

Teaching a Deep Essence of Ashtanga Yoga ~ Chuck Miller

Chuck Miller joined us at Ashtanga Yoga Paris for twelve days.

It was an intensive that reunited Ashtangis from all around. We were challenged not only to go slow but most importantly to sense the aligned motion that the asana practice requires.

"A lot of us practice Ashtanga but there is something more profound, which is actually to study Ashtanga. Ashtanga is a truly profound method and there is a lot of teachings contained into Ashtanga. I think our practice should help us unfold that." Chuck said.

Chuck Miller started practicing yoga in 1971 and hooked to the Ashtanga Yoga Method in 1980. He studied with Sri Pattabhi Jois for about two years during a span of seven trips to Mysore, India. He is not only an experienced Ashtanga practitioner but a curious soul.

Hungry for knowledge, hungry for wisdom and evolution, hungry for sharing; a dreamer for a better and peaceful world, an authentic yogi.

We were challenged to go slow. He kept on coming back to the idea that nothing truly beautiful ever came from the excess use of force, that an asana is never mastered, that there is always some condition to improve.

His intention with his teachings was to go to the heart of the practice. We dig deep into the roots of the Ashtanga method. We came back to the purest essence of Samasthiti, " sama " balance; "sama" all we really need on and off our yoga mat.

Chuck freely continued to repeat, "Yoga is asking us to be authentic, to be ourselves, to be truly ourselves, to be deeply ourselves."

It seems such a basic and beginner’s mind to consider his profound analysis of yoga, of each asana and all the actions they entail. As a passionate student of Linda and Gérald, I was thrilled and inspired to see that we continue to add up, that there are many more of us wanting to move towards a safer and peaceful Ashtanga direction, towards an honest Vinyasa step-by-step gradual approach.

"The purpose of the practice of asanas is to see yourself so then you can make different choices and be free, and not be pushed around by the existing conditions." Chuck related to the asana part of Yoga as an infinite set of postures, but referred to each of us as practicing as much asanas as one needs.

Guruji used to always say "Do your practice and all is coming." We can interpret this in different ways, but the idea is that we do our own practice.

From Chuck: "It may sound self-indulgent, but when you practice Yoga you are not only doing something for yourself,  but you are also doing something for everyone else---for your family, for your community, for the planet. The power of personal practice is huge---probably the most powerful thing anyone of us can do."

I really enjoyed his detailed explanations, his stories, his advice, simply his fresh authentic and joyful being. Thank you Chuck. Thank you Reiko, Thank you Linda and Gérald for inviting him to Paris, and thank you to all the community who joined and made his visit possible.

"Bowing to all conscious beings and recognizing the sameness within all, that we are in fact in all of this together, that the boundaries and separations are false."
This was Chuck' interpretation of NAMASTE. Truly inspiring.

Laboratorio Atípico - Ashram Urbano Medellín

En el marco del lanzamiento del primero Ashram Urbano en Colombia, la artista Carolina Daza Carreño -, y el investigador Carlos Cadena Gaitán - liderarán la primera versión de este "Laboratorio Atípico" en el Ashram Urbano de Medellín.

Luego de años de estudios, recorridos, encuentros y co-creaciones, hemos decidido en pareja lanzarnos a un nuevo reto. El reto de crear un espacio de evolución holística, arte, cultura y sostenibilidad, inmerso en la urbe de Medellín, Colombia. Este espacio es un Ashram, un espacio multi-funcional de trabajo compartido, donde se promueven mejores prácticas de calidad de vida, y se generan experiencias de co-creación creativa.

Del sánscrito, de la raíz “srama” que significa “esfuerzo (físico o mental)”. Del latín “urbanus” que significa ciudad; relacionado con la ciudad. El Ashram Urbano es un espacio de esfuerzo –físico, mental, y creativo– en el corazón de la ciudad.
El Laboratorio Atípico será el semillero y primer encuentro abierto al público. "Una fiesta de los sentidos" como nos dijo nuestro amigo Hector Buitrago en Bogotá.

Esta versión unirá artistas, músicos, fotógrafos, y cocineros con una diversidad de investigadores e innovadores urbanos de la región Antioqueña. Crearemos una performance colaborativa y un delicioso almuerzo vegetariano.

Así fue el Laboratorio en Bogotá:

La pregunta que guiará el proyecto será:
¿Cómo podemos construir urbes más humanas y felices?


11am - 12.30 *YOGA

12.30 - 1.30 *PERFORMANCE



5pm *FIN

Más información & reservas:

DESIGN por la VIDA: Diseño Sostenible

Te invitamos a participar en la formación "DESIGN por la Vida ~ diseño sostenible" del 7 al 14 de Noviembre en el nuevo Ashram Urbano de la artista Carolina Daza y el académico Carlos Cadena Gaitán de La Ciudad Verde.

En esta oportunidad hemos invitado a Francesca Lo Cascio, Italiana y creadora del estudio FLOC Design en París, Francia. Egresada de la Escuela Politécnica de Milán y Turín en Diseño industrial, interiores y diseño de productos eco-sostenible, y especializada en Diseño de interiores y exposiciones; Francesca visita Colombia por primera vez. 

A raíz de su pasión y curiosidad multi-cultural, Francesca ha estudiado los mercados orientales que la han llevado a vivir y trabajar en varios países como España, Tailandia, China, Japón y Francia. ¡No te lo pierdas!


Noviembre 7, 2014 

*5pm - 6.30pm ~ ¿Qué es DESIGN por la VIDA?
*6.30 - 9pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa, (100% vegana).

Noviembre 8, 2014 

*9 - 10am ~ Pranayama - Técnicas de Respiración / Concentración.
*10 - 12pm ~ Formación DESIGN por la Vida  / MODULO I : MADERA
*12 - 2pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Taller práctico / MODULO I : MADERA
*6.30pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Noviembre 9, 2014 

*9 - 10am ~ Pranayama - Técnicas de Respiración / Concentración.
*10 - 12pm ~ Formación DESIGN por la Vida  / MODULO II : CARTON
*12 - 2pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Taller práctico / MODULO II : CARTON
*6.30pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Noviembre 10, 2014 

*9 - 10am ~ Pranayama - Técnicas de Respiración / Concentración.
*10 - 12pm ~ Formación DESIGN por la Vida  / MODULO III : CARTON
*12 - 2pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Taller práctico / MODULO III : CARTON
*6.30pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Noviembre 11, 2014 

*9 - 10am ~ Pranayama - Técnicas de Respiración / Concentración.
*10 - 12pm ~ Formación DESIGN por la Vida  / MODULO IV : TEJIDO
*12 - 2pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Taller práctico / MODULO IV : TEJIDO
*6.30pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Noviembre 12, 2014 

*9 - 10am ~ Pranayama - Técnicas de Respiración / Concentración.
*10 - 12pm ~ Formación DESIGN por la Vida  / MODULO V : PAPEL
*12 - 2pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Taller práctico / MODULO V : PAPEL
*6.30pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Noviembre 13, 2014 

*9 - 10am ~ Pranayama - Técnicas de Respiración / Concentración.
*10 - 12pm ~ Formación DESIGN por la Vida  / MODULO VI : METAL
*12 - 2pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Taller práctico / MODULO VI : METAL
*6.30pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Noviembre 14, 2014 

*9 - 10am ~ Pranayama - Técnicas de Respiración / Concentración.
*10 - 12pm ~ Formación DESIGN por la Vida  / MODULO VII : RECUPERACION
*12 - 2pm ~ Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Taller práctico / MODULO VII : RECUPERACION
*6.30pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Noviembre 15, 2014 

*10 - 12pm ~ YOGA.
*12 - 2pm ~Cocina colaborativa/creativa (100% vegana).
*2 - 6pm ~ Exposición de trabajos.

Info & reservas: